Description: A beautiful moving piano melody plays over strings with increasing tension. Very emotional and cinematic.

Description: A hopeful and inspiring epic Intro with a great atmosphere and soulful mood.

Description: Beautiful, melodious pop rock slow romantic sentimental background 2min looped music track about our fleeting life with tender guitar solo and crying fx's, somnolent percussion drums, bass etc..This track can be used anywhere – in games and movies, documentary scientific films, presentation, telecasts, about nature, space, like music, background for websites etc…love, background, background music, beautiful, calm, chill, chillout, cinematic, deep, dreamy, easy listening, emotional, intro, laid back, lounge, meditative, melodious, music, opening, guitar, relax, relaxing, romantic, sentimental, slideshow, soft, sorrow, video, website, sad, nostalgic, melancholic, hypnotic, lively, mellow, melancholy, nature, quiet, relaxed, sensual, smooth, dramatic, crying, reflective, searching, serene, sincere, peaceful, electric guitar, autumn, medium tempo

Description: A sad background composition with piano, pad and drums, creating a dramatic atmosphere and thoughtful mood.

Description: This is a slow and dark ambient drama film music, full of sadness and emotions. It is great for emotional and sadness scenes, apocalypse and tragedy documentary, post war and disaster scenes, lyrical and sentimental films, dramatic trailers, dark and mysterious background, depression and sorrow emotions, suspense and tension moods and much more.

Description: Action-packed track with gothic choir, pulsating percussion and powerful orchestral instruments

Description: Combination of orchestral instruments and modern arrangements including drums, bass and samples. Suitable for action/mystery/suspense scenes.

Description: Fast, driving string arpeggios backed with epic drums and a pulsing synth bass. Starts out strong and loud, quietens down towards the middle, and comes back with full brass and choir towards the end. Cinematic, motivational. Huge feeling of achievement.

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