Description: heroic grand theme dramatically underscoring the testosterone driven deeds of manly men in a masculine world of epic proportions.

Description: violent cinematic battle scene music, frantic and harsh.

Description: Relaxing Piano - Echoing Time is a soul-soother, and comforting inspirer. Creating music for you to inspire the world. E-mail for a custom track made for just your lovely self. Cheers!

Description: Epic orchestral music with an atmosphere of adventure, drama and discovery. Contains bust dulcimer, colorful violin, cello, brass, piano and percussion, creating a unique environment. Combined with the opener of incredible movie trailers, with the achievements of inspirational videos and motivational infographic projects.

Description: A very calm and gently piece with soft string chords and piano. Great for very emotional, sad but heartwarming scenes.

Description: Dramatic and powerful orchestral piece, beginning softly, then building into a frantic climax. Dark and mysterious.

Description: Beginning of the film paranormal edgy gothic beat techno electronic hip drums synth ambient.

Description: A sad background composition with piano, pad and drums, creating a dramatic atmosphere and thoughtful mood.

Description: Sad orchestral adagio.

Description: Dramatic film score track with gripping arrangments over pulsating percussion.

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