Description: Beautiful emotional piano music in medium tempo. Inspired by Einaudi piano music and similar beautiful emotional mood as in Amelie soundtrack. Great as emotional background in a sad romantic drama, soft peaceful nature film, emotional documentary, slide show, presentation, relaxing meditation music, people at a cafe, strolling, walking, talking, reflections by the window, soothing calming atmosphere scene etc. “Emotional Piano” is minimal, reflective emotional piano music with a very smooth sad beautiful piano melody for film video projects. Emotional piano music for atmospheric emotional background settings walking,Amelie, easy, moving, sad, atmosphere, atmospheric, background, music, soothing, beautiful, piano, calming, cinematic, classical,documentary,minimal, emotional, drama, dreamy emotional piano,, einaudi, film, love, meditation classical piano, music, strolling, minimalistic, peaceful, nature, video, nostalgic presentation, reflective,relaxing music, romantic, sad piano, sentimental, simple, soft, solo piano slide show, slideshow,, relaxing, soundtrack, talking, calm

Description: Cinematic reflective poignant piano music in slow tempo. poignant affecting piano with a touch of dark dramatic feeling as thoughtful reflective background music. Quiet piano for a dark grey day, calm peaceful still nature. Slow gloomy piano for oil spill, cataclysm, catastrophe, dead landscape, lonely fateful industrial area, disaster pollution, piano slow global warming, dark tragic documentary with piano. cinematic, quiet, piano, solo, slow, contemplative, reflective, peaceful, Longing, Emotional, Atmospheric, piano comforting, Tranquil, Nostalgic, relaxing, warm, piano Background, beautiful, romantic, sad,piano calming, sincere, easy, elegant, Tender, Vibrant, Sweet, moving, dreamy, Soothing, plain, heart, romance, underscore, motion, simple, nice, classical, dramatic, slow tempo

Description: A beautiful romantic instrumental song for drama/thriller movie in a scene involving travel or a couple in love strolling around in town or why not lovers on a boat. It suites as well in a James Bond film. Driving and a bit mysterious too. dramatic, romantic, mysterious, soft, Relaxing, Sincere, Moving, Passionate, Tender, Vibrant, Delicate, Beautiful, Atmospheric, Driving, Sweet, Inspiring, Spirited, Touching, Sublime, Adventurous, romance, travel, mystical, mystic, thriller,love, cinematic, slow tempo

Description: Drama theme music. Build up to a nice crescendo with powerful strings and pounding drums. theme, drama, dramatic, epic, cinematic, strings, orchestral, pounding, achievement, confident, intense, magical, building, tension, positive, energy, inspirational, fantasy, Advertising, Media, Instrumental, motivational, optimistic, energetic, uplifting, powerful, slow motion, driving, reflective, pompous, hopeful, dreamy, mystic, mysterious, regal, coporate, background, fiction, promo, industry, classical

Description: Reflective classical sad piano piece, repetitive with dramatic feeling. repetitive, dreamy, piano, dramatic, lonely, winter, solo, drama, reflective, nature, crying, heart, World Sorrow, Tragic, Depressed, Helpless, violin, painful, landscape, pollution, sorrow, sadness, mourning, funeral, song, Dramatic, Pensive, Sad, Moving, Emotional, Anguished, Atmospheric, Melancholic, Thoughtful, Heartbroken, Dreamy, Worried, Dark, Epic, Adventurous, Painful, Deep, Dramatic Soundtrack, Funeral Procession, History, Nature, Rural, Documentary, sad, hurt