Description: dramatic, pretty, slow moving piano, melody with somber strings, nice feel, very visual

Description: Dynamic action-adventure music featuring a rousing modern orchestral score in the style of a big movie studio soundtrack. Epic dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films and documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: Emotional is an inspiring song meant to create a feeling of melancholy yet somewhat motivated to do good things. The song is very much like something you would find in Inception and movie like it. The song consists of a piano accompanied with strings which are later joined by a brass section and choir to make it more epic. The song can be used in movie scenes, trailers, videos, speeches, and many more. We hope you enjoy it and thank you for your time! Moods of the song: Inspiring, motivational, epic, cinematic, intense, suspenseful, Hans Zimmer, Inception, orchestra, brass, piano, etc.

Description: Epic heroic orchestral music. In the best tradition of Hollywood blockbusters. Very energetic, dynamic, epic corporate motivational uplifting track with magnificent development. Features powerful strings rhythm and surround drums. Perfect for corporate videos, promotions, advertising, news programs, news block, after effects, web and TV projects.

Description: This is a fast paced heart pounding timpani and bass drum groove. At 186 beats per minute it is perfect for action sequences and high tension stressful emotions. Suggested uses could be chase scenes, serious preparation, or pursuit of achievement for seemingly impossible goals.

Description: Emotional, dramatic and tragic cinematic solo Piano composition. Beautiful harmonies and melodies full of nostalgia and drama evoking the feelings of coldness, reminiscence of long lost love. Great for dramatic trailers, films, documentaries and videos.

Description: Soft and gentle, "Piano Memories" is a peaceful yet slightly somber solo piano composition. Perfect for any flashback in your project, this quiet and reflective underscore could also work as a memorial or quiet, reflective moment in your project as well.

Description: Gentle and soft, "Solace" is a quiet piano composition for tearful and emotional moments in your project. With its sparse, yet quiet and powerful sound, this cue can easily sit under intimate dialogue or romantic whispers. This music can also work in a peaceful nature setting or for a calming lullaby.

Description: Simple, inspiring string and piano piece that creates a sensation of awe and curiosity, peppered with moments of swaying emotion and intensity.

Description: A dramatic and cinematic piece with piano, marimba and lush strings. It has a deep, emotional and slightly quirky quality. It sounds similar to one of the scores by Thomas Newman like American Beauty. Perfect for film trailers, emotional scenes in tv shows and movies, opening and end credits, documentaries and more. NOTE: If you use this for broadcast, please register the title on the cue sheet as "Strange Satisfaction".