Description: A simple piano melody that builds with instrumentation and emotion and intensity. Great for a title theme or montage. Feature film or documentary.

Description: Orchestral cinematic theme featuring piano that express passing of time. Suitable for trailers and commercials.

Description: a effective and dramatic piano piece with string to accompany. Emotional and full of drama at moments, though also very romantic. Great for movies, videos and documentaries.

Description: Part of the Woad album, early history of Britain

Description: Part of the Woad album, early history of Britain

Description: Reflective classical sad piano piece, repetitive with dramatic feeling. repetitive, dreamy, piano, dramatic, lonely, winter, solo, drama, reflective, nature, crying, heart, World Sorrow, Tragic, Depressed, Helpless, violin, painful, landscape, pollution, sorrow, sadness, mourning, funeral, song, Dramatic, Pensive, Sad, Moving, Emotional, Anguished, Atmospheric, Melancholic, Thoughtful, Heartbroken, Dreamy, Worried, Dark, Epic, Adventurous, Painful, Deep, Dramatic Soundtrack, Funeral Procession, History, Nature, Rural, Documentary, sad, hurt

Description: I had same inspiration and feeling, when I’ve been reading novella – ,,Jonathan Livingston Seagull”, written by Richard Bach. This is the story about a seagull learning about life and flight, and a homily about self-perfection. Follow your hope and your wings will takes you to the sun. I hope, that the feelings caused by my music will meet your expectations. Thanks for purchasing and rating :)

Description: The calm, soothing & soft violins are friendly, gentle & soaring. The mournful innocent clarinet is serene, heartwarming & sincere. The light, easy & peaceful piano is hopeful & positive. The beautiful crying harmonies are uplifting, heartbroken & emotive. The graceful melodies are moving & flowing.

Description: Light soothing violins, mellow gentle clarinet, sweet smooth french horns, glassy soft bells, calm upright bass, sad cellos, tender violas. It's magical charming serene & elegant yet passionate, grandiose, emotional & poignant. Ethereal slow & building to sweeping melodic strings. Quiet to film epic

Description: can be used to enhance tragedy, sadness.