Description: Cinematic music in the style of Philip Glass. A remix of my previous track "Jackpot"

Description: A clock is going gradually, acute synth, sounds are increasing and finally hard guitar bursts into and powerful volume drums are breaking from darkness to light

Description: Piano & orchestral strings combine to create the most lushly dramatic & inspiring touching motivating piece of music. Starting with delicate piano, & building, adding layer after layer of cellos, violins, brasses & heavenly angelic women's choir, this music will take your breath away. inspirational Instrumental.

Description: Bright, peaceful track with soft harp, beautiful strings, dreamy flute and majestic mellow brass in tranquil mood. Walking in calm fantasy adventure landscape, wholesome nature. Variants: 5 Min w. Choir/ 4 Min/ 3 Min/ 2 Min Choir / 1 Min Loop / 20s Harp Solo Intro

Description: Emotive track for solo piano, with a melancholic yet warm feel to it. Perfect for commercial, advertisement, promos, trailers, kickstarters, games etc.

Description: Imagine the traveller in the desert, exhausted by heat under the scorching sun. With each step to go all it is more difficult and more difficult, stocks of water on outcome. But he is full of belief in the forces and ahead of him the oasis waits. A guitar pressing solo, as a symbol of ruthless heat and belief in

Description: String orchestra and piano play emotinal, expressive music in the style of Philip Glass.

Description: Calm, peaceful piece with choir and brass. Perfect for a church or funeral scene.