Description: a/b/a arrangement of sad, single note piano motif, to quicker bridge of optimism, returning to initial motif. suggested for scenes of heartbreak.

Description: Beautiful piano melody, very atmospheric, soft gentle piano and a melancholic violin alongside warm orchestral strings allowing build and and movement. Dark male choir voices add a dark element to the cue making it perfect for soundtrack. Solace will take you on an emotional journey. Perfect for dramatic underscore. Great for documentary or background music or music on hold. There is an acoustic guitar version of this track also available here at AudioMicro

Description: Energetic and reflective instrumental track, which can be seamlessly looped. Features acoustic guitar, drum kit, double bass, cello, and a synthesizer.

Description: Dramatic film score soundtrack with symphonic, orchestral instruments such as strings ensemble, piano, violin, cello, bass, human voice, percussion, choir, woodwinds, harp, flute and background texture pads. It's mixing atmospheric ambient underscore based structure with brilliant melodic elements. Mood is dramatic, emotional, soft, lost, touching, sad, passionate, chillout and soundscape. Ideal for drama movies, cinematic films, documentaries, inspiring commercials, hollywood movie themes and short film projects.

Description: pop, slow moving, light, romantic, pretty, acoustic guitar, nice groove

Description: Dramatic Presentation is an ideal background cinematic track for trailer, commercial video projects and more.

Description: Deep beneath our world forces are shaping to erupt and endanger our planet.

Description: It is a thoughtful and sad acoustic track.