Description: Ambient and restful, yet apprehensive and uncertain, the constantly changing weather and seasons. Ideal of natural world, nature, or human emotion tv and documentary. Main mix, lite mix, 60, 30 and 12 sec versions

Description: A dark, pensive and very tense film underscore track using staccato string section, ethnic percussion. A very serious tone which sets the scene for crime, thriller, international conspiracies, terrorists, etc.underwater

Description: Piano and Strings slow dramatic ballad, great melody starting with piano solo, from the half of the song start strings too. Like Ennio Morricone, perfect for soundtrack Tv, Film.

Description: Calm, peaceful piece with choir and brass. Perfect for a church or funeral scene.

Description: Sparse and simple "Piano Drama 2" is a beautiful piece to enhance the heartfelt emotions of your project. With a deep sense of longing and passion, this modern cue will inspire goosebumps (if not tears under the right setting).

Description: Large scale orchestral work. Foreboding atmosphere with an approach to war like theme. Punchy string melodies soar above large scale percussion. Epic piece. Great for game trailer or scene setting.

Description: Beautiful emotional piece performed on piano

Description: A piano soars through the memories of her mind and accounts for many as just ordinary burdens..."throw them away", it repeats over and over again, "let go and fulfill your life". By film composer Jeremy Khawaja.

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