Description: A musical mix of orchestral and techno elements reflecting the secretive aspects of cyberspace and computer science. Designed for forensic programs, investigative reports, corporate videos, medical research, science, crime, espionage, video games, Internet web pages & high tech industrial projects.

Description: Peaceful dramatic and reflective music with Eastern overtones, Wooden Flute, Percusion, Kalimba and Synth combine to create this beautiful mysterious sounding track. Asian T V and Film Music Commercials Soundscape Travel, Documentaries. Martial Arts of Asia, Instrumental, Asian Music, Asian Contemporary Dramatic

Description: Nightclub, Clubbing, Fame, Celebrity, Exciting, Party, Crowd, Happy, Cool, Bass, Drums, Synth, Rhodes, Percussion, Analog, Claps, Guitar

Description: Gentle and inspiring, "Renew" is a soft piano melody with harp and light strings. Great for sentimental or romantic moments, this music cue will bring a sense of innocent wonder to your project.

Description: Nightclub, Boulevard, Shopping, Exciting, Happy, Girls, Celebrity, Fame, Party, Posh, Funk, Bass, Drums, Guitar, Synth

Description: Nightclub, Happy, Party, Crowd, Fame, Celebrity, Exciting, Fast, Drums, Bass, Rhodes, Analog

Description: Ultra-contemporary cinematic music reflecting the suspense and dangers of high tech espionage. Designed for CIA and modern military themes, forensic programs, crime dramas, investigative reports, corporate videos, scientific research, computer science, video games, industrial projects and the Internet.

Description: Piano melody plays over atmospheres of an early morning. Sense of strong emotion in what one believes in.

Description: With piano and strings only, “Sweet Dreams” can a lullaby, a sweet dream, or a dream of your sweetie.. There’s something happy and tender about this soft, endearing moment.

Description: Sentimental and hopeful, "Simple Emotion" is a beautiful piano and strings cue with a little woodwinds placed delicately in the 2nd half for flavor. This calm and peaceful score will add a tender sense of emotion to your project with its pastoral theme.

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