Description: ssassy, light-hearted, and mischievous cue perfect for a romantic comedy or dramedy.

Description: Light orchestral background with a romantic comedy feeling.

Description: Bouncy Light Campy Carefree Fun Whimsical Quirky

Description: This royalty free acoustic dramedy track is a comical and sneaky tune featuring accordion, mandolin, piano, upright bass, electric guitar, vibes, strings pizzicatos, drums and percussion. This funny, cinematic and orchestral comedy track is suitable for spy and secret agent videos, TV episode series, films, movies, advertising, radio tunes and more.

Description: Joyful. Austin powers cartoon party adventure here we go uplift da grovey upbeat quirky whats this funky man.

Description: Sly, fun and subtle cue for tv, film or corporate.

Description: Quirky comedy jazz theme inspired by Henry Mancini’s music for the Pink Panther movies. Amusing underscore for an oddball world of kooky and comical circumstances. Designed for wacky comedies, campy advertising, humorous suspense and silly mysteries.

Description: This royalty free track is a sneaky and funny comedy music with piano, cymbalon, guitars, string pizzicatos, vibes, drums, percussion and upright bass. It is not a regular comedy track, it is weird but it is awesome. It is suitable for weird comedy scenes, films, tv series, podcasts, radio, commercials, games and more.

Description: a medium tempo polka-like, comedic jazz tune with piano, bass, drums, guitar, ukulele and vibes.

Description: Playful percussion with a ticking clock melody, this is a great music cue for game shows, time is running out, beat the clock, will also suit comedy underscore for family fun scenes.

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