Description: Fantasy music in the cinematic style of Disney. Beautiful, childlike and wondrous.

Description: Short stinger with Disney-style orchestral arrangements. Great for presentation logo and commercial.

Description: Light slapstick, comic, happy go lucky theme, featuring wah wah trombone. Various mixes and cut downs

Description: Jolly, bright and so much fun. Silly theme for small children, incorporating orchestral and toy sound effects. Perfect for advertising Nursery Schools and toddler play groups, on-line or radio and television. Commercial length cuts with and without the sound effects.

Description: Cheerful, playful music,full of joyful moments and positive inspiration with upbeat ukulele strum,pizzicato strings ,sweet bells theme and acoustic guitar solo.

Description: Classical Light Moderate Medium Up-tempo Exotic Human Happy Positive Graceful Humorous Funny Strange Piano Interlude Background Romance Comic Comedy Rural Pastoral Morning European Television TV Radio Movies Period Films Spot.

Description: Simple piano version of the tradtional childrens nursery rhyme, Boys and Girls Come Out to Play. Begins with solo piano and builds with pizzicato strings, celeste and vibes. Main version and 30 sec cut

Description: A fun, playful and uplifting orchestral track featuring strings, piano, woodwinds, orchestral percussion and brass

Description: funny brass trumpet imitating the elephant with a bit of funky.

Description: Cartoon music in a variety of styles and moods.

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