Description: Inspiring and uplifting orchestral score.

Description: Spice up your next video projects with this multipurpose track good for internet projects Indie films, or whatever you can imagine. Enjoy!

Description: A great drone soundscape ambient song.

Description: whispering tribal sounds in this atmospheric piece

Description: This is an amazing track from Buddha Wisdom, a big production feel, a fast pace 007 spy movie. The sky is the limit with this track, use for internet and indie film projects, whatever you imagine. Enjoy!

Description: Uplifting orchestral piece, with drum beat. Builds throughout with quirky instrumentation. Light-hearted and free.

Description: Weird composition, made with synths and some software resources. Very special and concrete, for some strange situations, a little bit psychedelic and experimental. Good for some TV shows talking about culture or curious uses in human nature. Also good for surrealism topics in documentaries or TV reports. Includes some vocal effects which enances weird sensations.

Description: Dark, dramatic mysterious track with solid beat, synths and catchy samples. Great for action/suspense scene.

Description: Upbeat, solo piano piece. Carefree, happy and very avant garde.

Description: Special effects use of music instruments from the Spaghetti Western film orchestra makes this a surrealistic, esoteric and bizzare cue. This version is a stem without the rhythm. Sound design use also.

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