Description: Sweet and pensive, comic romantic merry go round. Eastern European tradtional Gypsy style played by small orchestra. Main mix, String movement, Clarinet movement, 44sec, 15sec and 09 sec versions

Description: Funky feel-good groove with stabbing melodic horns.

Description: Light-hearted, gentle and meandering character study. Quaint and lovely, idyllic everyday life that wanders along without a care in the world. Features piano, bass clarinet, pizzicato strings, flute, glockenspiel and triangle. Great for lifestyle, warm and friendly radio and television commercials. 60sec and 30sec versions

Description: Melodic and gloomy piano track with a thoughtful and dark vibe. Suitable for projects that require a cinematic and melancholic ambience.

Description: Grand, proud and upstanding. Brisk drive through long leafy country lanes and through the gates to the big country estate. Wistful and breezy light classical theme, befitting the Lord of the manor, fine and full of splendor. Features symphonic strings, piano, woodwind section and harp. 60sec and 30sec full and underscore mixes

Description: short version of lost in algorithm without drum beats

Description: Macabre woodoo-like march with tom toms, suspenceful strings and evil bells.

Description: Wacky,weird, urban, strange, industrial

Description: adventurous, tough,urgent, energy

Description: adventurous, tough,urgent, energy

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