Description: This positive driving track is great to show off speed / sports / fashion. news opening Modern and exciting this track is full of driving energy. Good an opening or closing to sports / action / cars and anything aggressive and fast.

Description: Spying, sneaking and scheming music. Dramatic without being overblown.

Description: Peaceful acousitic guitar with orchestral sounds and drums and electric lead guitar melodies.

Description: acoustic guitar with electric guitar melodies and flute.

Description: This music is good for" Lord of the Rings' type productions. It has electric guitars , drums ,bass and flutes.

Description: Beautiful melodic electric guitar with acoustic guitars and melodic synths.This music is very peaceful .

Description: Perfect music for movies and adventure images, with effects, for strong movements, the music grows gradually, for very strong and decisive moments, with consistent rhythm, and exciting

Description: An epic and uplifting hybrid track with a strong heroic theme. Featuring brass, choir, strings and epic percussion

Description: This track will be perfect for any multimedia project: presentations, tutorials, family videos, sentimental movie scene, movie trailers, advertising, dramatic videos, action epic background, epicness inspirational music and motivational epic trailer Theme 1 (Cello) Theme 2 (Synth and Bells) Enjoy