Description: ROGER S follows Phileas Fogg in his 80 days of adventures when travelling around the planet

Description: A voyage through five different parties: elegant ball, drugged and drunk orgy, "we are getting lost" (in metra 9/8, 7/8 and 5/4), loud and sometimes nostalgic rock and energetic, dynamic unusual tango.

Description: epic, dark, intense, rock with orchestra.

Description: Intro is huge heavy rhythmic build with massive climax perfect for action trailers. French Horns. Rhythmic and textural middle section with burst of powerful sections. Eerie quiet section with unusual, haunting reverbs near end, and concluded with massive, doom laden extremely slow and terrifying conclusion.

Description: epic, dark, intense, rock with orchestra.

Description: Powerful Modern Cinematic Action Soundtrack. Impressive drum rhythm with stings and guitars. Nice builts. Good for action movie, documentaries and footage about sport activities like downhill biking and triathlon sport events.

Description: Epic and inspiring cinematic orchestral music hollywood sound with an adventurous feel.

Description: ranges from mellow/ethereal to epic, dark, intense, rock with real choir, strings.

Description: Chillout ambient electronica. Hope, love, adventure, trust, sadness, happiness, emotional, longing

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