Description: dynamic dramatic music featuring intense orchestrations with big hits, punches and thrilling sequences in the tradition of blockbuster movies.

Description: Suspenseful drama / documentary type underscore. Pensive pulsating vibe with a tinge of creepy uneasiness that would work well for crime / law forensic or science investigation / technology / internet / information / epic / searching / epic / aztec. Documentary / Drama / Discovery , Action. A foreboding and tense track with a hanging sense of mystery

Description: Dynamic action-adventure music featuring a rousing modern orchestral score in the style of a big movie studio soundtrack. Epic dramatic music designed for super hero movies, war films and documentaries, espionage, CIA and military themes, movie trailers and video games.

Description: A fast suspense Orchestral piece ideal for a chase scene

Description: This epic & dramatic track, starts with a powerful minimalistic strings melody and sweeping horns, then ends with a grand full choir melody. this track is Ideal for Fantasy Adventure & journey cinematic films, commercials logo reveals, and also will be useful for the Olympic sports content and cues, trailers and video game related contents.

Description: This is epic action track with large orchestra sound, symphonic instruments. Suitable for all kinds of corporate videos, games, business presentations and other right contents. Powerful, action, epic climax track will be good for commercials, infomercials, podcasts, tv and web adverts.

Description: Powerful, forceful, driving, exhilarating percussion and drums form an explosive high tech soundtrack for a fast and furious world.

Genres: Royalty Free Music , Action

Description: A small mysterious and agonizing orchestral tune

Description: A beautifully written intense action piece in the style of Hans Zimmer. Check this one out!

Description: Dramatic, energetic piece with solid beat, gripping orchestral arrangements and spooky synth. Great for action/suspense scene.

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