Description: fast and booming electronic tracks , sequencer.

Description: This electronic music uses wild melodies and echoing synths to create an amazing sound. The music is cool fusion of futuristic sounds and works great with a wide variety of applications including video games, tech, ads, future, and much much more.

Description: bubbly synth arpeggios with soft lead line.

Description: beautiful contemporary electronic beats and textures.

Description: Techno moog driven groove. Quite dark. Weird Outro. moogs, drum loop, electronica.

Description: Dubstep remix that brings to mind nature, trees, fast motion scenery

Description: Fun and quirky electronic track with 80's video game-style samples, synths and drum beat.

Description: A short wacky hip hop beat with very computer-like noises and effects, this is a loop, for an unusual quirky soundtrack this is perfect for any media.

Description: RIFF 001 is an ideal musical piece for being mixed with his “soft” version. You can also choose bpm’s speed: 120/90

Description: eighties, electronic, cheesy.

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