Description: Abstract transitions with inclusion of different keynotes

Description: Acoustic piano composition for your projects.

Description: beautiful contemporary electronic beats and textures.

Description: Action, Ambient, Bass Guitar, Big, Calm, Cinematic, Dark, Detective, Discover, Dissonant, Disturbing, Dreamy, Foreboding, Groovy, Guitars, HighTech, Hypnotic, Industrial, Meditative, Melodrama, Movies, Mysterious, Mystical, Percussion, Science, Slow, Strange, Suspense, Teen

Description: instrumental, pink floydy rock ballad.

Description: Medium psychedelic Shuffle.

Description: Bermuda Square is an upbeat twisted song that takes you on a journey through sound.

Description: Magical, cinematic, child-like fantasies, from a forest underworld inhabited by elves and fairies to wondrous castles filled with memories of past childhoods. Opens with minimal celesta and gradually builds, then dissolves away. Light Orchestra & choir. Various cuts and mixes including 60sec, 30sec & stings

Description: a tibetan bowl hit with a long fade out.

Description: Peaceful and soothing electronic track with a slight melancholic touch. Space synths, orchestral strings and a cautious guitar figure combine to this beautiful piece of music. Perfect for nature, space and science projects.