Description: Energetic, Driving, Motivational, Thrilling and very cinematic music. Perfect for sports films or car commercials.

Description: Slow, laid back pop groove with guitar and haunting strings.

Description: Trip hop sensitive track, perfect for TV projects. There are several parts in this track, a more tense and darker in the midlle. It is quiet repetitive and trippy.

Description: Modern instrumental hip hop/ triphop, perfect for commercials.

Description: Upbeat with vocoder, spacey synths, and heavy drums. Certainly a song for extraterrestrials to dance to.

Description: scratchy loops with a strong melodic synth hook.

Description: a cool down tempo trippy track.

Description: hip-hop influenced chillout track with horns and a tight bassline.

Description: Walk in the desert , downtempo march with industrial/trip hop rythm, tabla,sitar,ghost voices , flute ..

Description: electronic, techno, dreamy, lasers, journey, club, dance, futuristic.

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