Description: Give your own big beats a downtempo melodic line, a theme behind all your important things. Just mix in your best Kick and sub bass, grab a mic and rhyme what you have to say.

Description: Electronica, Electronica-Trip Hop, Serious, Introspective, Tension, Dramatic, Airy, Agitated, Funky, in a Reflective mood, featuring Bass, Drums, Synth, Guitar, Electric, with a Slow, Mid tempo

Description: electronic, techno, dreamy, lasers, journey, club, dance, futuristic.

Description: Down Tempo , tribe war march, - breack beat, percu, tambour,voices,industrial sound, (loopable)

Description: A jazzy, groovy, funny latin instrumental featuring acoustic bass, rhodes, organ, trumpets, piano and percussions. It's crazy, dynamic, joyful and excited. Great for any type of productions needing a fast pace music to underscorehighly dynamic images.

Description: A modern contemplative music with a really serious and industrial atmosphere. Drums, vibrating ( in stereo ) synth and other instruments.

Description: Extremely contemplative music, you can think about your life, the meaning of life when you are listening to this one. It fits to slow, deep, melancholic or deep thinking promotions, videos, scenes.

Description: Relaxing downtempo chill out instrumental music with electronic drums, modern synths and background vocal harmonies. It's mid tempo and similar to trip-hop or abstract hip-hop music, and electric bass parts make it dynamic and lively. Great for projects related with business, advertising, fashion, video blogging and product presentation.

Description: city, downtempo, night, urban, trippy, triphop, massiveattack, radiohead, nineinchnails, industrial, drugs, drive,

Description: The original piece of music in the style of hip-hop with an unusual electronic solos and energetic synths. Powerful dance sound.

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