Description: Upbeat with vocoder, spacey synths, and heavy drums. Certainly a song for extraterrestrials to dance to.

Description: Edgy Dub track with trippy synths, samples and cool beat

Description: Im Alive is a fun and uplifting electronic Hip Hop production. Featuring bass, horns and beat box, this track had a funky and cool feeling about it.

Description: Electronica, Electronica-Trip Hop, Mysterious, Building, Active, Repetitive, Smooth, in a Mysterious, Positive mood, featuring Drums, Machine, Synth, Keyboard, with a Mid tempo

Description: This is an epic and uplifting instrumental featuring a good use of real and electronic instruments. Has an uplifting feeling about it.

Description: Walk in the desert , downtempo march with industrial/trip hop rythm, tabla,sitar,ghost voices , flute ..

Description: Luxurious, laid back trip hop instrumental, a la Portishead.

Description: Dark ambient synths with heavy driving drum hits at times.

Description: Trip hop Downtempo electro Dark madness song with a woman and man voices

Description: Electronic - Trip Hop. Different sfx supported by a repetitive urban groove. An industrial soundscape run by machines. The bass sounds stretched while scratches fill in the blank spots Stinger.

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