Description: Reality vocal, wobble lead, big drops, swedish, mashed up

Description: progressive, space, club, festival, rave, underground, psy, alien

Description: progressive, electronic, transcendental, trancedance, psychedelic, aurora borealis, trip, space, festival

Description: Calm and melodic progressive house/trance with emotional feel.

Description: progressive, electronic, trance, psychill, chillas, meditation, culture, festival, transcendence, aeon, life

Description: trance, edm, rave, tomorrowland, vibe, energy, mainfloor, miami, ibiza, tiesto, armin van buuren, armada, uplifting, ATB, sasha, above, beyond

Description: progressive, psy, festival, rave, acid, lsd, experience, offbeat, psychedelic, mdma, trip, forest, hemp

Description: Rhythmic, dance song in the style of trance. Sound: synthesizers, drum machines, synthetic bass, piano delay, pads, etc.

Description: psytrance, fullon, morning, night, power, hi tech, boom, ozora, xxx, universo, fullmoon, shiva, trance, psychedelic, rave

Description: The feeling of another world completely nonexistent, Psybient, chillout, ambient ..All a mixture of magical sounds and transparent, for total relaxation, and as the awakening of another part of us .from mysterious soundtrack, and a low enveloping the entire monument made sound and emotional poetry ..

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