Description: The name says it all: vocal progressive trance, uplifting, glittery and powerful, very danceable; excellent for various presentations and dance floors. Please rate it if you like it Thank you

Description: Trippy Dance Pop track with solid groove and mysterious pads / synths. Builds gradually throughout...

Description: Reality vocal, wobble lead, big drops, swedish, mashed up

Description: This is the transformation of one style to another, from trance to deep house

Description: Infinite Light - full track. Piece of energy electronic music in uplifting trance style. Fast 136 bpm trance track with euphoric melody. Wonderful work for many applications: advertisements, film, video, computer games, documentaries, presentations, websites, etc.

Description: Dark, mysterious Electro Dance track with trippy synths and solid driving beat.

Description: This is my new uplifting trance 20s logo intro with exciting deep soft sound, which include different bright instuments - rythmical drums, electric guitars, synth bass, fx, etc...This 20sec track can be used anywhere – as a musical background for websites, in computer arcade games, tv or radio jingle, advertisment and commercial video, movie trailer o etc…Enjoy and thanks for buying!:) trance, pop, atb, background music, bright, club, commercial, corporate, dance, dreamy, emotional, energetic, exciting, game, intro, logo, loop, meditative, modern, mysterious, opening, positive, relax, rhythmic, song, uplifting, uplifting trance, video, website, video game, tranquil, soft, smooth, 20s, romantic, relaxed, reflective, hypnotic, inspirational, magical, melancholy, mellow, mystical, melancholic, trance party, club music, club dance, dance music, dance and electronic, light, fast tempo

Description: An uplifting and anthemic electronic dance music track, featuring four-on-the floor beats, big pads, harp and piano arpeggios and sublime electronic textures. It's perfect for any project that requires a motivational backing such as corporate, documentary or film.

Description: Down and dirty old skool style hardcore techno track, great for underscore for club scenes and young urban demographic. Hypnotic trance style beats

Description: Melody sharpened not so for dance as for your attention

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