Description: Swirly and determined techno - trance. Strong forward drive moderately excited. Medium to up-tempo. Spacey synthesizers electronic drum machine beats relentless and energetic. Good for driving racing sports / action workout / exercise / spinning extreme sports / skydiving / base jumping and any colorful high energy media production timelapse footage cityscape and more.

Description: Jungle beat techno piece with synth and voice FX.

Description: Mysterious electronic downtempo beats with pulsating and stuttering synthesizers. Science technology future forensics laboratory with a sense of mystery and scifi.

Description: Energetic techno or house Synth based track with a touch of rock. Available in multiple lengths by searching the title.

Description: Modern techno beat with swirling synths.

Description: Surreal techno track with heavy driving drum beat

Description: Minimal ambient electronic inspirational track with dreamy piano, cool synths pluck layers and soft beat. Good for technology advertising and presentation, hi-tech and science, tv, futuristic video, YouTube, space themes, documentary film and other calm and peaceful themes.

Description: A funky melodic electronic bass driven track with lots of synthesized bleeps and computer sounds.

Description: Crazy futuristic electronic techno song from outerspace

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