Description: Medium-tempo, suspenseful song with midi synths driving the track and trumpets providing the backing melodies. This song was written as dark sounding music for a military scene. Parts of the composition are reminiscent of Mission Impossible and James Bond themes.

Description: Bright, jazzed-up swing song featuring midi trumpets and backed by a midi big band

Description: A dark track that moves the listener from a slow and thick feel to an upbeat but slow, thin feel using midi orchestration

Description: A soft and sneaky track featuring a midi big-band with trumpets and saxophones

Description: Soft, Slow, and Quirky track with a mysterious fell. Features a Midi big-band and spaced-out guitar. This song was written to be a movie trailer that builds in intensity from start to finish. It starts out very slinky sounding (a little like the Pink Panther). It also sounds a bit like an undercover secret agent quietly in action.

Description: Fast-paced, hard-hitting big-band chase with a thrill

Description: Easy-going track with a jazzy twist and midi instrumentation that depicts the Egyptian desert

Description: Medium-tempo, dramatic march song led by midi snare, trumpets, and big-band

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