Description: Powerful club kick, crisp hats-percussion-loops, deep synth bass, ambient synth melodies, lush chord pads, industrial synths, and low 808 bass drops / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs hard driving trance in the style of DJ Tiesto.

Description: Thick banging break-beat drums, rich percussion, old-school drum loops, low warm analog sub bass, 303 acid synth melodies, and thick layered electro-trance style synths / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs hard banging electro-club with a touch of acid house.

Description: Hard banging kicks and snares, bright hats, fast jungle drum loops, spacey sound effects, trance synth stabs, electro moog synth lines, low trance drones, and super fast turntable cuts / Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs hard driving drum & bass / jungle music.

Description: Powerful kicks and snares, crisp hats, funky break loops, a powerful distorted electro synth lead, deep electro bass, spacey reverb synth effects, percussive synth chord stabs, trance synth leads, and distorted electric guitar power chords. Perfect cue for a action film or TV show like Blade or for a racing or fighting video game.

Description: Strong 909 kicks, snares, claps, and hats, old-school breakbeat drum and percussion loops, percussive vocal hits, thick analog moog synth bass, powerful synth stabs, big rise build-up synths, trancey synth chords, and a filtering 303 acid synth line / Perfect cue for any TV show or Film that needs pounding old-school 90's rave techno

Description: Strong kicks, crisp snares / claps / hats, warm analog bass, lush chord pads, jungle drum loops, rich strings and bell hook melody, ambient synth effects sounds, and a funky analog synth bass riff. Perfect cue for a show on speed network, racing game, or a film that needs fast paced mellow drum & bass.

Description: Lush strings and pads, deep electro bass, solid 4 on the floor kick, crisp snares / hats / percussion, spacey sound effects, big build synths, powerful synth stabs, and break-beat drum loops. Perfect for any TV show or film that needs string based electro-trance.

Description: Jazzy acoustic bass, old-school trip-hop drum loops, turntable cuts, banging kicks and snares, crisp hats and percussion, smooth tom fills, Rhodes chord stabs, a catchy bell melody, rich strings, and a dirty electric guitar chord pattern. Perfect cue for any film or TV show that needs smooth jazzy down-tempo trip-hop with a catchy melody.

Description: A smooth jazzy rhodes riff, funky shakers, funky and punchy kicks and snares, swing hats, vocal stabs, smooth electric guitar bass, bass heavy old-school drum loops, lush strings, wah guitar chords, and turntable cuts. Perfect cue for a alcohol or beer commercial or a film or TV show that needs happy smooth lounge style trip-hop.

Description: Delay electro bass, hard 909 thumping kick, 909 claps and hats, 80's style synth stabs, old-school beat-box drum loops, 303 acid synth filter patterns, filter drums loops, lush panning chord pads, and a haunting low vocal pad drone melody / Perfect cue for a TV show or Film that needs old-school style Chicago House or Acid House music