Description: A trance composition, an original mixture of ambient synths, orchestral sounds and industrial drum beat. It expresses limitless vasts of the Universe, eternal cold of interplanetary space, new horizons in the space which are to be opened in the future.

Description: Electronic track with ambient and trance synths and techno rythm, different atmospheric sound effects. Good for background, TV programs. The music expresses thoughts about things which have passed, love of the past, home alone in the evening, lights of a sleeping city.

Description: A composition of electronica style, with strange high-pitch synths and slap bass, voice insertions. Associations are: robots are dancing, hi-tech inventions, deploying new technologies

Description: A professional music of studio Fortefill. A fast-tempo track with harsh, grim electronic sounds and a rythm resembling a drum'n'base section. The music is driving and energetic, expressing rapid changes in a life, tense situations, hastiness, active attempts to overcome something, opportunities to gain success quickly and in one strike, trying to get big benefits in spite of risk.