Description: Retro sounding electronic chill out muzak. Elevator music, on hold, background music bed for weather channel programming, public access or lounge. Music for deep thought and contemplation.

Description: Spaced out instrumental with racing beats and weird synth cords that sound like they come from another dimension. Nice for scientific documentaries and video games.

Description: Dynamic and exciting Hip-Hop beat with a quirky electronic feel. Wobbling synth cords, humming bass line and exciting breaks keep this track engaging. Nice for extreme sports, nerds, electronics, youth promos, or radio ads. Parody. (stinger edit available)

Description: Wild and exciting electronic track that compliments themes of high-energy, technology, excitement, power, fame, sports, and partying. Reality TV.

Description: Edgy cinematic style instrumental with mixture of industrial style drums, pulsing synths, heavenly choir chants and menacing bass line. Video game promotion, Teen drama, reality television, docu-drama, night club party scene, fashion, exercise equipment. Promo for energy drinks.