Description: a trip to the moon through space sounds psychedelic, progressive and psychedelic ambient pad environmental sounds color fantasy come music

Description: dramatic, sad, melancholy It has a certain charm on the atmosphere the cambimento, chillout sounds with hybrids special effects and riverbro space to scream chillout dramatic

Description: hip and groovy ambient beats with abstract vocal samples.

Description: Pure and soft lounge song. Perfect for design or architecture projects.

Description: a relaxing and funky movement.

Description: Outer space Psychedelic morning A mix of fantasy psychedelic trance .. to return to the psytrance a mixture of colors and transformations

Description: chilled out spy jazz lounge. shaken, not stirred.

Description: Float away in a wonderful fantasy to the shores of Atlantis in the serene ambient chill of synth swells, multi-layered arpeggios of harp and synth, electronic and drum kit percussion, and a string setion.

Description: Ambient, lectro, groove, futuriste,cyber time, science,easy listening, teaser,trailler,cinematic

Description: Positive atmospheric chillout / lounge track with synthesizer and piano over a spacey light mid tempo drum groove. Ideal as instrumental background music for travel documentaries, presenting holiday resorts or real estate in general - this optimistic tune provides an atmosphere of relaxation and ease as well as luxury and serenity.