Description: A beautiful, relaxing and emotive music in chill-ambient genre with a soft soothing feel. This inspiring mid-tempo arrangement features rhodes piano, piano, atmospheric strings and pads, electric guitars, warm bass and cool drums. This instrumental track does not feature a strong melody, which makes it great for background video use, including corporate motivational videos, Web advertisement, lifestyle product videos, as well as multimedia training material, explainer videos or animation, and business podcasts.

Description: Smooth and floating, featuring warm synth textures, light bell and dreamy piano create a relaxing and introspective mood.

Description: Dreamy and floating, featuring electro piano, synth pads and massive percussion that creates a cool and confident mood.

Description: Lounge electronic track with light electro-piano, cool synths and massive percussion.

Description: action, race, search, danger,

Description: strange, reflection, another world

Description: crazy, not phased, walk, query,

Description: melancholy, peaceful dance, reflection,