Description: Energetic Big Beat track with guitars, synths and plenty of interesting noises

Description: Relaxed dance groove with catchy guitar riff.

Description: Intense and agressive bigbeat/breakbeat track in Crystal Method style. Would be awesome for extreme action sports videos, as an introduction for action or car racing game. If you need free customization of this track (lenght, tempo, looping, pitch etc) please contact via profile page.

Description: swinging loungy funky groove.

Description: A dirty dose of underground house, perfect for a club scene or similar

Description: funky electronic chip house.

Description: Arpeggio piano line with epic movie/advert strings with massive energetic big beat drums and backing. (will loop)

Description: Big upfront room dance music track, instantly powerful and very modern, great production from my ten years producing house music , some in the charts. I have added a large number of house tracks so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !

Description: rocky dance rhytm stuff.

Description: Easy House music track. Deep bass, electronic guitar, light plucks and bright leads fill the atmosphere of the track Instruments : Double Bass, Strings, Synth, Bass, E.Piano, Synthesizer, Percussion, Shaker, Drums, Drum Loops, Cymbals, Sound Effects, Electronics Mood : Atmospheric, Beautiful, Big, Bouncy, Bright, Breezy, Calm, Catchy, Cheerful, Confident, Cool, Determine, Delicate, Dreamy, Driving, Dynamic, Easy, Energetic, Exotic, Friendly, Groovy, HighTech, Hopeful, Hopeless, Hypnotic, Intense, Inspiring, Inspirational, Lively, Love, Light, Modern, Optimistic, Moving, Movement, Peaceful, Playful, Positive, Powerful, Proud, Pompous, Sensitive, Sexy, Touching, Uplifting, Upbeat, Trance, Warm Genre : Action, Cinematic, Movies, Commercials, Dance, TV, Radio, Show, Computer, Fashion, Entertainment, Electric, Multimedia, Telephony, Technology, TechSport, Pop

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