Description: Ultra dynamic industrial high tech music with a cinematic vibe and epic character. Designed for crime dramas, Sci-Fi projects, corporate branding, electronics conventions, software innovations, new gadget products and high performance cars.

Description: Dark, mysterious and futuristic movie trailer soundtrack with lots of twisted synths, pads, distorted saws. Excellent for movie trailers and web and after effects presentations.

Description: This ambient energetic track, written in a heavy industrial style with elements of hard rock and dubstep. Well illustrates the beauty and power of nature. Perfect for extreme videos, commercials and other projects.

Description: Fun little track mixing piano with software instruments. This piece is quirky yet has a mechanical feel to it at the same tme.

Description: dark, uptempo breakbeat featuring vintage moog synthesizers and bangin' drums. when susie speaks, you must obey.

Description: Drama, Drama-Action, Electronica, Electronica-Industrial, Active, Action, Adventure, Agitated, Dangerous, Determined, Driving, Mysterious, Technological, Mechanical, Automated, Futuristic, in a Energetic mood, featuring Drums, Electronic, Synth, with a Mid tempo

Description: Dub Space beat, very chilled out, dirty and gritty but yet very melodic. works well in various presentations. have a listen

Description: INTENSE hard driving adrenal rush. Constant , nonstop and heart pounding

Description: Dynamic and futuristic background that will support any of media, news, Internet, TV projects

Description: Retro inspired new age / dark electronic synth industrial track

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