Description: All the way from Warsaw and in the sonic lineage of Giorgio Moroder and Daft Punk, Pimo is already drawing comparisions to respected heavyweights such Metro Area's Morgan Geist from some of the most influential voices in electronic music. Pimo epitomizes the explosion of serious electronic music in eastern Europe, fusing the best of house with a synth heavy, classic electro vibe. Rich analog sounds, reminiscent of Sebastien Leger's more recent works warm this EP and set it apart sonicly.

Description: Positive light track , very magical and swirling atmospheres.An ambient and reflective underscore. Up beat and positive track that would work under a product shot , tv / radio commercial or opening theme. Optimistic, pop track. Perfect for lifestyle / cooking / comedy / travel / family / vacation

Description: Deep progressive house with an epic feel great for gameplay videos with high action, has a romantic feel with a nice underlying piano lead and some fun glitchy/electro tech sections.

Description: This is my new dance track in the style of club house with a powerful sound and a sexy mood. Perfect for advertising, dance videos, parties and so on! Used instruments: synth bass, synth plak, vocal sample, drums, percussion, fx samples.

Description: Modern catchy dance track, multi demographic track, corporate ad campaign, video presentation, video games, news track or film scene, motivational, positive and uplifting, the sound of the city.

Description: Go out and drive and cruise and explore and adventure and have fun and live life to the fullest with this inspirational calm upbeat music Fun, up beat track with a light synth lead a la Motion City Soundtrack. Good for fun scenes involving achievement or lots of activity. Summer, sun and mood of party – these tunes get under the skin and exude a real holiday feeling. It’s dance music that magically places palm trees and sand wherever it is played, and grooves so deep it makes all non-dancers get drunk on imaginary island air, and dance in the sand.

Description: Having a badass attitude this track makes a cool introduction. Featuring modern EDM elements it's perfect for contemporary content and motion pictures.

Description: funky electronic chip house.

Description: A Tron Legacy type of Electronic track... Lot of synth and bass stuff going on in there...and various floating pads.. Definitely makes for a cool dance piece

Description: Inspired by the total eclipse in 2017, two grooves are super imposed over one another.

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