Description: A fast paced, big beat, happy sounding groove. The bass moves and the beat pushes.

Description: An instrumental, energetic, moving composition.

Description: Motivational and inspiring electronic music track perfect for creating optimistic and exciting moods in any media settings like commercial video or presentation. This is a perfect choice for any project that requires an uplifting and positive background

Description: High energy Dance Disco Pumping Club clubbing Dancing Modern up-tempo catchy hook showbiz celebrity red carpet access Hollywood entertainment news background glitz glamor pop Electronica Synth bass

Description: Weird Break Beats track makes you feel uncomfortable, increasing chaos towards end. Mix without bass line.

Description: anxious, atmosphere;, confused, contemplative, dark, disturbing, down, dramatic, drone;, eerie, evil, foreboding, frantic, haunting, hypnotic, melancholic, melancholy, mournful, mystical, nature, ominous, sad, scary, searching, sentimental, strange, suspense, tension, terror

Description: Funky lounge theme with mallets,fender rhodes and jazz guitar

Description: Metal Indus down tempo for cinematic teaser, animatic sequence ..

Description: Ambient, électro, groove, futuriste,cyber time, science,easy listening, teaser,trailler,cinematic