Description: A cool, modern tune for the information age. The sound combines ambient elements such as floating pads above electronic or synth sounds that mimic information that is being passed and processed. Use this sound for any production that needs to capture the.

Description: Fat Electro Bass Beat which is loopable

Description: This SoundSet is ideal for hip and modern themed presentations. A car commercial immediately comes to mind when listening to this piece. The sound is energetic with a strong beat. The siren provides a nice effect on top of the beat.

Description: This SoundSet depicts motion in the world. Images of people engaged in daily activities and the buzz of life. The synth sounds bring to mind sounds of communication and modern culture. The infectious beat is composed of two drum tracks that can be used in.

Description: spy jazz remixed as jungle/drum-n-bass. big brass stabs. lots of moog synthesizer.

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