Description: This track really pushes the low groove and sets the tone for aggressive dancing. It also has commercial and action apllications.

Description: Dance music with DJ effects and jazz tonality. Very trance like and psychedelic at the same time.

Description: Dance music with disco beat and horns. Hipnotic and active.

Description: Dance with a progressive house flavor.

Description: Urban flavor at the beginng, but builds into something expansive and alternative to all genres. Great for action in both urban and commercial scenes.

Description: Creates a scene of extremely fast paced action, Urban in nature, but could be used in all sorts of scenes requiring sonic speed underscore.

Description: Sounds like techno, machine, but uses real drums, guitars and bass. Very aggressive and edgy.

Description: Uses a break beat and synth strings over a bed of active low funky synth. Creates an active urban, night scene. Pushes action.

Description: A fast paced, big beat, happy sounding groove. The bass moves and the beat pushes.

Description: Sounds like a happy, sweaty scene of dance and action. Moving bodies and flashing lights.