Description: This is track 2 from my Tender Grooves Collection. A sexy dance groove with upfront organ riffs and bass.

Description: This is track 4 from my special Groove Loops collection. This is a complete with dark pads along with a funky beat.

Description: This is track 8 from my special groove loops collection. A complete breakbeat monster with original textures.

Description: This is loop 20 from my special collection Minimal house loop with a groove worth listening to continuous.

Description: This is track 7 from my special groove loops collection. A noise loop,interesting and can stand by itself.

Description: This is track 9 from my special Groove loops collection. this is a complete sassy loop,a perfect set up for any song.

Description: This is track 15 from my special groove collection. This loop is to use as a piece,it has hard hits and distinct sounds.

Description: This is track 3 from my special Groove loops collection. A complete loop with glitch sounds and a tough beat.

Description: Raw Tribal Beats TRK 11 is a peak hour loop. Works well at taking the crowd to the next level. This loop is perfect for high energy dance.

Description: uk club,us club dance track,straight bass line and percussion.

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