Description: This is easy listening urban track followed by hip-hop beats, dark pads and synth. Fits with all types of projects.

Description: Fusion and imperial percussion loops fits with many types of as a starting loops of voice over projects.

Description: This is a powerful electronic composition featuring hard beats, synth. Suitable for Sci-Fi projects, advertisements, action thriller movie scenes and more.

Description: This is an Electronic lounge track. Bass, drums, Guitars, Piano and electronic sampled sounds. Urban romance, science inspired film or production, documentary, cultural program, credits, trailers, news and television breaks. Edgy moody, dark natural backgrounds & gritty with a little suspense.

Description: Mellow, Sets a gentle, down home, laid back tone for your commercial, voiceover, or presentation. Hopeful, innocent, inspiring. Floating, dreamy, intimate, elegant, feelgood, joyful, picking on the porch, reflective, refreshing, peaceful, sincere.

Description: This is a Ambient Lounge Chillout track. A warm and delicate ambient, pop crossover with a smooth, easy-going, warm and subtle mood. A repeating piano pattern is joined by light drums, bass, soft guitar and pads. Great for things like soft advertising, Commercials, and more.

Description: a happy chillout track suitable for many projects

Description: a happy chillout track followed by bells, suitable for many projects

Description: a breezy chilliout track followed by banjo and piano suitable for many projects

Description: Energetic topclass techno-trance music with system fails sound effects.

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