Description: Sentimental music warm music send me an angel so beautiful thoughtful. Easy listening filmscore/cinematic.

Description: Lonely sad upset love caring hopeful hopeless slow brooding.

Description: A hooky electronic music track that has alternating elements of sensuality and intensity with a driving techno/hip hop beat and guitar synthesizer power chords. The chorus is perfect for sports or car ads, particularly muscle cars and other products that convey dominance or confidence.

Description: This track by The Aluminium Tough.

Description: electronic groove beats

Description: futuristic electro with warped swirling synths, fast tempo, corporate, technology.

Description: Arpeggio piano line with epic movie/advert strings with massive energetic big beat drums and backing. (will loop)

Description: A dark melodic bass driven track with acidic melodies and rhythm.

Description: An energetic track - hard hitting drums around a distorted bassline, overlaid with sharp electronic synth parts. Strong, solid drum beat and driving bass part with edgy techno style elements.

Description: a high energy electronica track.

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