Description: instrumental atmosphere or backgroun music for movie, video game or web (fantasy, space or investigations).

Description: A catchy Drum and Bass track with a lot of ambient texture, Glitch and Sound effect.

Description: Fast and energetic drum and bass track with deep bassline and powerful beat. Best for introduction to films and games, for trailers and advertisements or any visual project.

Description: Big upfront room drum and bass music track, instantly powerful and very modern, great production with superb modern effects. I have added a large number of tracks so if you like this one please check out the rest. enjoy !

Description: Hip Hop, Cool, Funky, Celebrity, Fame, Walking, Meeting, Friends, Chilling, Hanging out, Party, Club, Bar, Drums, Bass, Guitar, Percussion, Rhodes, Keys

Description: electronic vibe on a hard rock tune.

Description: A nice upbeat drum and bass track, goes great with a trailer or action-packed movie scene. Thanks for listening and purchasing!

Description: Hard Industrial electronic theme with fat bass sound. Will be perfect for games, promo videos, tv, radio jingles etc.

Description: Beats, Drums, Bass, Synths, Synthesizer, Urban, Ethno, Chinese, China, Asia, Strings, Traveling, Laid Back, Light, Percussions, Timbaland, Timberlake, World, Discovery, Guitar, Bass, Lost Love, Modern, Change

Description: Powerful energetic metal composition with cool overdrive alternative guitar riff and dnb, hip-hop, breakbeat electronic elements. Perfect for extreme, action, sport video, advertise and more projects. 170BPM, Dm. Thank you for listening, rating and purchasing-)

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