Description: Glittery and sunny progressive house, very commercial like with a very stylish clubby footprint, excellent for all kinds of presentations and web. Lots of synths, fx, uplifters, downlifters and beautiful melody. Very positive, danceable, uplifting and summery vibe!!!

Description: Modern teen commercial Dance Pop track with catchy synths and solid groove.

Description: Pop, female vocal, Diva, urban, dance, club, house

Description: An upbeat and uplifting funky track featuring melodic synths, drums, and groovy bass. It is excellent as background music in commercials, videos, podcasts, and more.

Description: Retro progressive house, very groovy and bubbly, happy, positive and very danceable with a very nice chord progression, excellent for presentations, listening and dance floors

Description: Electro dance groove, reminicent of rave old skool feel, fall to the floor. If you are looking for a driving underscore with a strong driving pace this is for you. Good synths technology and science, great for adverts. Young urban demographic, great for any fast movement or club scene

Description: Electronic, sweet, synths, Hip Hop, Sports, female vocal

Description: An upbeat electronic dance music track in trance style with a determined mood. Instrumentation: synthesizers, electric guitar.

Description: Summertime EDM or positive house track with lots of guitars and synths and electro bass. Super fun and uplifting vibes.

Description: Very energetic house music track. Excellent for background music, web, video, presentations, dance floors and even listening. Instruments: synth poly, synth pad, synth bass, electronic drums, percussion, fx,

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