Description: Spacey electronic piece that starts out as a slow and brooding composition with subtle synths and an evil ambiance that grows and morphs into a fast trance-inspired electro epic.

Description: Dark but uplifting new age electronica with a spacey trip-hop feel and some beautifully haunting breathy synth strings.

Description: deep and intense 80's style groove with a quirky synth arrangement and experimental groove.

Description: Powerful and melodic chillout track, with lots of pianos, arpeggiated synths, pads, fx, and drums. Beautiful melody makes this track excellent for documentaries and various presentations. Please rate it if you like it and check out my portfolio for more tracks like this one!

Description: Breakbeat-peppered electro jaunt through space and time, complete with trancey synths, tinkly melodies, and a few militant percussive breakdowns here and there.

Description: Electronic music with an intellectual concept ideal for news TV, documentarys or interview shows.

Description: Moody electronic piece with swishy cymbals, fluttering melody and a somber almost carnival feel that gives way to powerful pad/strings and driving synth chords.

Description: Out of a deep depression, polished electonic beats and vocals surface. I'm a sick dog, running on empty bones.

Description: Pop, adult contemporary. Great for advertisement, TV and movies.

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