Description: BeatHive_PSteel_GMaj_114bpm

Description: BeatHive_PSteel_GMaj_114bpm

Description: Music loop for your projects, works really great for a game.

Description: Digital keyboards, samples and beat-box accompany retro analog synthesizer for experimental piece with quirky melodic hooks. Suggested for retro club scenes, media spots and underscoring of scary animation. Key of G minor

Description: Electronic ambient logo for your projects

Description: This is music for a variety of presentations, commercials, radio jingles. Well suited for commercial high-tech goods. Music combines electronic and orchestral sound

Description: Medium tempo electronic reggae-style dance/trance groove.

Description: 15 seconds of automated synth bass and drums accompanying organ, piano, glockenspiel and edgy strings for a suspenseful, forward-moving motif, alternated with wistful chime-like pattern. Suggested for tense urban scenes, montages.

Description: 15 second mix of moody synthesizers playing hypnotic patterns with reverse audio effects, drums and step-filtered percussion.

Description: A suspenseful track in the genres of electro lounge and EDM, secretive and clandestine in mood, well-suited for visual scenarios imbued with action, drama, adventure, noir moods and situations.

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