Description: 'feel good' breakbeat / dance instrumental.

Description: gentle, easy going electronic track with airy pads, subtle melodies and a swing groove. slightly sorrowful and moody.

Description: Urban, Urban-Breakbeat, Electronica, Fun, Urban, Happy, Confident, Driving, Raunchy, Bold, in a Confident mood, featuring Guitar, Electric, Bass, Drums, Electronic, Machine, Synth, Keyboard, Brass, with a Mid, Fast tempo

Description: An old skool style funk piece with low dirty bass and surfing guitars. Great for documentaries, flash videos, websites, e.t.c.

Description: Intense and agressive bigbeat/breakbeat track in Crystal Method style. Would be awesome for extreme action sports videos, as an introduction for action or car racing game. If you need free customization of this track (lenght, tempo, looping, pitch etc) please contact via profile page.

Description: High energy breakbeat track with heavy bass lines and catching melody. Best for introduction to films and games, trailers and advertisements.

Description: Melancholic ambient glitch breaks, powerful and emotive with lots of glitched synths, lo-fi drums, vocals and pads. Excellent for various presentations, dj sets and listening. Please rate it if you like it.

Description: This is a crunchy sounding breakbeat track that kicks in with a Hip Hop beat, strong rhythm and sense of determination. Upbeat, cool and acoustic, it has a driving distortion and urban flavour to it. Medium tempo and good for use in a variety of contexts from music, corporate and cool videos to virals and for adverts and idents.

Description: Energetic breakbeat track with heavy bassline, powerful beat and futuristic synths. Best for extreme videos, racing games or any hi-tech and energetic video project.

Description: breakbeat, part or the song with cool elements

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