Description: Positive funky break beat track with wah-wah guitar, bright piano chords and scratch.

Description: Weird Break Beats track makes you feel uncomfortable, increasing chaos towards end. Mix without bass line.

Description: Intense and agressive bigbeat/breakbeat track in Crystal Method style. Would be awesome for extreme action sports videos, as an introduction for action or car racing game. If you need free customization of this track (lenght, tempo, looping, pitch etc) please contact via profile page.

Description: Urban, Urban-Breakbeat, Sassy, Confident, Brassy, Funky, Urban, Hi Energy, Happy, Feel Good, Bold, in a Energetic mood, featuring Organ, Brass, Drums, Guitar, Electric, Bass, Synth, with a Fast tempo

Description: Energetic break beat track with distorted guitars, powerful beat and heavy bassline.

Description: breakbeat, part or the song with cool elements

Description: rough and tough, urban hip hop style groove with dj scratching and distorted bassy sounds.

Description: Part of the breakbeat track with dark mood

Description: tribal bassy part of the breakbeat track

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