Description: Melodic ambient music with a laid back beat.

Description: fierce industrial-strength trance, great for underscore - suspenseful, dark, interesting.

Description: A deep moody track that has a resonating pulse and chilled beats, layered with strings. Ambient class

Description: Atmospheric ambient track with wide pads and slow beat. Suitable as a background music for time lapse video, game, presentation or any visual project. Loopable.

Description: multi-elemental piece, some orchestral, electronic. really cool stuff.

Description: Waiting on telephone with a soft and dynamic song

Description: nice, ambient, electronic track. light and positive. piano and electronic elements.

Description: instrumental atmosphere or backgroun music for movi or web (fantasy, space and investigations).

Description: mysterious, melodic, intense, layered beats, compelling, dark, ambient, world, electronic, erie, haunting.

Description: Ambient/electronic rock similar to Tangerine Dream.

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