Description: Dreamy song, with electronic ethnic atmosphere, and background Voclas.

Description: haunting combination of groove oriented music with classical instruments.

Description: Instrumental ambient down tempo electronic

Description: This sensual atmospheric track combines the genre´s Chillout, Ambient, Trap and Downbeat. Inspirational Lush analog pads with sexy vocoder/vocal chops, deep subs, trap style drums and dreamy soulful synth lines brings you the goose bumps you looking for!;). Enjoy!

Description: Dark grooves, dub FXs & chords, deep voice pads - all rolled together in this track.

Description: A spacious ambient electronic track.

Description: Electronica - Ambient - ala Peter Gabriel techno anchored by a resonant arpeggio synth and growling electric and acoustic guitar, 95 BPM, Medium

Description: Instrumental ambient down tempo electronic

Description: Minimalistic cosmic movie trailer soundtrack is written with electric guitar using virtual guitar processor. It is sounds like electronic music. This item is good as soundtrack for film or video related to space, universe. The mood is sad, suspense, melancholic, meditative and contemplative

Description: A powerfull and great electronic pisitive song with future feeling. The song is rising and is getting a great positive pushing feeling. Great for presentations, advertising for tv and movie.

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