Description: Elegant Logo for any of your projects.

Description: Crystal clear sound for your media products.

Description: Perfectly for movie intros and logos or other high-powered projects.

Description: Power Ident for your projects. Use it in the media products, videos intro/outro, tv or radio jingles, presentations, and various video projects. Plese feel free to EQ or change volume.

Description: Hi-Tech Logo with various fx sounds, suitable for composite animation.

Description: Sci-Fi Epic Music. This music features recorded and sampled machines/equipment from a factory. I edited and programmed the atmospheric and rhythmic audio and added a few other instruments to create the music. Captured audio files included guillotines, compressors, sheeters, hammers, fork lift trucks, shutter doors, slitters etc. Musical Machinery.

Description: This is an eerie haunting seascape piece.Could be used for any sinister haunting scene including space .Ideal for bringing in-out credits or documentary.Slowly fades out.

Description: This is spacey intro sequence ambient with no beats, yet some how keeps a high energy rythm

Description: Listen as the ants chomp at your brain. This effects track is perfect for a sci-fi movie or horror film

Description: Ominous and threatening, dark and slightly dangerous, steady dirty urban beats with heavy synth bass. Ideal for Documentary, crime, police reality TV etc. Various cuts and mixes available

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