Description: Piano and guitar based pop.

Description: Aggressive, Strong, Expansive

Description: This upbeat and positive track is great for any kind of videos about family parties or holidays, slideshow, commercials, websites and other projects that need a positive mood.

Description: A mysterious opening emerges out of the fog and casts its uncertain shadow in your mind. This is a great opening theme for a classical murder mystery / drama / triller . A positive, optimistic, and modern track Happy music that is uplifting, youthful, coming of age, easy going, emotional,

Description: Warming summer acoustic guitars. Heady days of summer wine, in an idyllic country meadow, with the long golden grass gently swaying in the breeze. Features acoustic guitars and dreamy strings. Perfect for radio and television commercials for friendly, family and healthy products and services. 60sec and 30sec full and light mixes

Description: Warm, glowing and magical Christmas - traditional style. Gather around the tree, by the fire, as the snowflakes fall outside. Time to put differences aside and come together for the festive season. Opens with bells, shimmering and glistening, then smooth gentle strings and light rhythmic harp. Various 60sec and 30sec mixes

Description: Chill and relaxing lounge background music featuring floating electro piano, smooth synths and light beat. Perfect for video, film, presentation, hall, fashion show, cafe, spa, bar, restaurant, shopping center, travel themes and more.

Description: Pop song with guitars, strings, drums and bass. Enterprising and positive attitude. Representing emotions are overcome and courage, the desire to improve difficult situations. Perfect as a general song, pictures, movies or music background where music is the final piece for the project in the desired dimension. 60 sec version

Description: A slow moving pop track with awesome guitars and cool piano parts over a nice groove.

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