Description: A slow romantic, melancholic or pensive piece. The instrumentation is: Piano, strings, French Horn, acoustic guitar.

Description: Played in waltz time and driven by a fingerpicked acoustic guitar, strummed ukulele, and a simple piano melody, this song is very low key and sentimental but drives at a steady dancing pace. Invokes images of a summer evening in the country.

Description: easy, piano, guitar and strings.

Description: This dynamic piece is mysterious, elegant & minimalistic, a la Philip Glass. Soft reflective mood is calm, sad but bright. Slow gentle harmonies are glassy sweet & quiet. The warm tranquil tender emotion is cool smooth simple & sincere. It is dreamy searching longing & serious yet pulsing & driving.

Description: piano ballad with live cello accompaniment. Dripping with emotion. Keep a kleenex handy.

Description: Has a pretty, laid back but driving feel, perfect for catchy but non-distracting background music for any number of applications.

Description: A groovy track with great drums, funky guitars and bass, clavinet and electric piano.

Description: Peaceful cinematic Piano background music calm restrained for reflective settings. drama advertise TV/slideshow flash documentary etc. Comforting sad, romantic and moving. Sentimental soothing longing, Calm peaceful and reflective piano music. atmospheric, background, piano emotional, longing, piano nostalgic, tender, piano tranquil, affecting, piano beautiful, calming, piano cinematic, comforting, piano contemplative, drama, dramatic, easy, piano einaudi, elegant, piano long, meditate, meditative, meditation, peaceful, piano, poignant, quiet, piano reflective, relaxing, piano sad romantic, piano sad, searching, sincere, slow, solo, piano soothing, touching, warm, piano yoga, slow tempo

Description: This is a very romantic and melodious pop ambient short background Enigma Chill Lounge music with tender bells, synth and pan flute solo, relaxed sounds of the sea, bells, and somnolent electronic drums…It can be used anywhere – as a background relaxing music for websites, movies, weather news, films, TV and radio production, telecasts, about nature, space, earth, children, family etc